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No access to remote learning means no hope for a better life for so many young people in Rocky Point.


Before the pandemic we were supporting almost 600 students and funding three homework clubs to provide daily academic support and resources to hundreds of students. In March of 2020 when COVID forced the closing of local schools, the transition to remote learning created significant new barriers to education for our students.

The parents of many of our students have found themselves out of work and struggling to even feed their families, let alone provide extra resources for education. Some of the students in our program live in homes without electricity, let alone access to the internet, computers, and other resources they now need to stay in school. These young people have worked too hard and come too far for us to allow a pandemic to keep them from continuing their education.

With schools and our homework clubs remaining closed until at least the fall, our local team has worked with authorities to develop and implement a plan to safely bring academic support and other resources to young people throughout the community. We funded the purchase of a used van to enable the team we support to bring critical academic resources to students throughout the community. The van travels daily to six, outdoor sites bringing teachers, technology and educational materials to students who gather in small groups throughout the day. With so many of the students we serve now frequently going hungry, we are also providing funding for daily hot meals for students at each club. 

The Need


Funds for gas & maintenance for the SOL van to bring teachers, technology and educational materials daily to our six sites:

 $50 per day

$250 per week

$1,000 per month


Funds for daily hot meals for 200 elementary school students at our six homework club sites at $1 per meal:

 $200 per day

$1,000 per week

$4,000 per month


Funds for 'Packs of Love' weekend food for 200 students:

$6 per pack

$1,200 per week

$4,800 per month