Frequently Asked Questions

What is Esperanҫa? What happened to Step of Love?

Esperanca is a 52 year-old nonprofit with a rich history of working with and funding international partners and Steps of Love official merged with Esperanca in October. Esperanca will now be responsible for funding and supporting Educarte in maintaining its important work in Mexico. This merger was a way to position Steps of Love with an organization with supporting infrastructure and ensure the future success of Educarte AIM Mexico

What's changed since the merger?

The simple answer is not much. The Educarte AIM Mexico team is still solidly in place and doing their important work. Kathleen Duncan, Founder of AIM Penasco, as President of AIM Penasco is continuing to be actively involved in the programs and collaborating with Esperanҫa to ensure that the merger is a success.

How do I continue to donate to the Mexico programs?

Esperanca is accepting online donations through a special page set up just for Mexico.  You may also send checks to Esperanca at 1911 West Earll Drive Phoenix, AZ 85015. If you have questions about your current or future donations, please email Tiffany@Esperanca.org.

How do I change my payment info since the merger? 

The simplest way to make a change to your recurring payment information is the call Esperanca's offices at 602-252-7772. Identify yourself as a previous Steps of Love Donor and ask for assistance.

Do I get a receipt?

When you set up your recurring donation, you will be charged for the first month’s payment, and will receive a receipt at that time. You will not receive additional receipts after each subsequent monthly donation.  And, in January of the coming year, we will send you (via email or mail if so you prefer) an aggregated receipt for tax purposes reflecting all of your donations during the year.

How do I cancel my recurring donation?

Ongoing support is important to the continuity of our programs, so we encourage donors to continue to contribute to projects over time. If you must cancel your recurring donation, please call 602-252-7772.

For any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at: Tiffany@Esperanca.org